The 3 Types of Small Business Owner: Which One Are You, and How Can Data Help You?

The 3 Types of Small Business Owner: Which One Are You, and How Can Data Help You?

Being a small business owner comes in so many different shapes and forms. But while each small business owner is unique, they typically fit into one of three main categories: The Strategist, The Innovator, and The Executer. And each type, with its unique approach to business, can significantly benefit from data-driven decision-making. 

Identifying your type not only helps in understanding your strengths and challenges, but also helps you figure out how to leverage data to make your business journey simpler and more impactful.

Which Small Business Owner Are You?

The Strategist

You are a Strategist if you find yourself always planning for the future, thinking about the long-term vision of your business. You love solving complex problems, implementing systems and processes to make your business more efficient, and preparing for various scenarios. Your mind is constantly looking ahead, calculating the best moves to reach your ambitious goals.

Strategist Strengths:
  • You have a knack for forecasting future trends and analyzing market patterns.
  • You love setting long-term goals and developing strategic plans for how to get there.
  • You excel at identifying potential risks and opportunities, making informed decisions to navigate them.
Strategist Challenges:
  • You sometimes over-plan, which can lead to missing out on spontaneous opportunities.
  • You risk analysis paralysis, where you get so caught up in the details that making a decision becomes difficult.
Data is Your Ally:
As a Strategist, data is your compass. It should guide your planning and help you remain flexible. Focus on KPIs like conversion rates, progress to revenue goal year-to-date, and profit/loss to gauge the effectiveness of your strategies and the financial health of your business.
Utilize data analytics tools like 30-Min Metrics™ to streamline your data interpretation, helping you avoid getting lost in details and focus on making timely decisions. This way, you can balance your forward-thinking plans with real-time data, ensuring your strategies are both visionary and grounded.

The Innovator

You are an Innovator if your mind is a constant whirlwind of creative ideas and innovative solutions. You’re not just thinking outside the box; you’re redefining the box. Passionate about breaking new ground, you’re always excited by the prospect of doing something no one else has done before.

Innovator Strengths:

  • You are exceptionally creative, often thinking outside the traditional box.
  • You adapt quickly to changes, setting trends rather than following them.
  • You are not afraid to take risks, exploring new ideas that others might shy away from.

Innovator Challenges:

  • You might prioritize innovation over practicality, which can sometimes lead to unrealistic projects.
  • You can lose focus in your quest for constant innovation, which can scatter your efforts.

Data is Your Catalyst:

For an Innovator like you, data should fuel and focus your creative fires. Track KPIs such as engagement rates, opt-in rates, and product conversion rates. This data can help gauge the response to your innovations and the effectiveness of your creative marketing strategies. 

Consider using a program like the Profit by Numbers™ Workshop to give your innovations a data-driven review. This workshop equips you with the tools to assess the success of your creative projects, ensuring they’re not only inventive but also profitable. It’s about aligning your innovative spirit with the practical numbers, turning great ideas into great business outcomes.

The Executer

You are an Executer if you excel at turning plans into reality. Where others see challenges, you see a checklist of action items. You’re focused, efficient, and thrive on bringing ideas to life, ensuring that every day counts towards achieving your business goals.

Executer Strengths:

  • You are excellent at managing operations and putting plans into action effectively.
  • You focus on producing results, efficiently using resources and delegating tasks to maximize productivity.
  • You are pragmatic and focused, ensuring that every action contributes to your overall business goals.

Executer Challenges:

  • You might concentrate too much on immediate tasks, sometimes overlooking the bigger picture.
  • You tend to favor established methods, which can make you resistant to adopting new and potentially beneficial changes.

Data is Your Guide:

As an Executer, use data to optimize and refine your actions. Key KPIs for you include service or product conversion rates, email open rates, and the number of sales made. These metrics will help you assess the efficiency of your execution and the direct impact of your operational strategies on your business growth. 

Leverage the precision of 30-Min Metrics™ to sharpen your execution. This tool aids in pinpointing where your action plans are hitting the mark and where there’s room for improvement. With it, you can refine your processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and ensure that your operational efficiency translates into tangible results.


Knowing whether you’re a Strategist, an Innovator, or an Executer can empower you to leverage your unique strengths and address your specific challenges. Data-driven decision-making can be your ally, turning complexities into clear strategies and your efforts into measurable success. Embrace it to elevate your business journey.


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