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Do you want to get back to the things you started your business for, and leave the tech wrangling to an expert?

Websites & Blogs

Website Design & Development

You love crafting the perfect blog post or YourTube video, but get bogged down by all the technical stuff needed to share it with the world.

I build and design custom WordPress websites that are easy to update and maintain, so you can focus on cranking out your awesome content.

Website Design & Development includes:

Starts at $1125


"Thank you for being so helpful answering all my questions, taking extra time to show me how to do things!"

So happy to have my blog up and running! I love that you have a Zoom call… I think showing your face helps us build a trusting relationship with you and also to help with finding the vision we want!

Funnels & Launches

Funnel Tech Support

You’ve created an amazing new service or product, but you’re completely overwhelmed by the process of setting everything up so people can actually buy it.

Building a sales funnel requires a lot of moving pieces on different platforms, and getting them all to work together can be a nightmare.

That’s where I come in! I handle all the necessary integrations and automations, so all you have to do is fill in the content.

Funnel Tech Support includes:

Starts at $750/month


"I loved knowing that the job will be finished and done the right way, without me having to worry about it."

I had a tech project that I needed to handle without adding more to my plate. I loved Aby’s thoroughness and knowing that the job will be finished and done the right way, without me having to worry about it.

Monthly Retainer

Tech Manager on Tap

Prioritizing ALL THE THINGS in your business is hard. and even when you know what needs done, your valuable time disappears into building the business systems you need.

Maybe you’ve even tried a VA or seven, just to spend all your time managing them. And the thought of having to train one more person is terrifying.

You need someone who can take your ideas and run with them. Someone who isn’t going to ask you a zillion questions, just get the job done. And that’s what I do best!

With Tech OBM on Tap you get:

Starts at $1,500/month


"Anytime I've ever had a contractor come into my business to do work - they are impressed with the level of organization."

Aby is the next right step for you if you know who you are, what your brand is and you just need someone to create systems for managing your business so you can be you and not wear all the hats in your business. She would be ideal for you if you are struggling to hire others to help you in your business because there isn’t an onboarding system or structure to your “back end”. We created magic but most of the magic came from Aby.

Get back to what you love, and leave the rest to a specialist (that's me!).

Here's how it works!

Step One

Tell me about your project using this form. I’ll review it within 2 business days, and if I think we’re a good fit I’ll send you a link to book your consultation call.

Step Two

During your consultation call I’ll help you figure out exactly what you need to make your project a success, including which of my service bundles fits best.

Step Three

I’ll create your Project Roadmap so that you always know where we’re at. Then I’ll send you a list of what I need to get started, and you can leave the details to me!

Ready to Spend More Time on the Parts of Your Business You Love...

… and way less time worrying about the techy details?

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