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These are the same metrics I teach my students how to track and analyze in my program 30-Min Metrics™...

Meet Your Systems Coach

Hi! I’m Aby Blum Sudds…

Systems Coach, Online Business Manager, and creator of 30-Min Metrics™.

I’m passionate about designing time-saving business operation systems for visionary entrepreneurs who need their businesses to work around all the #lifestuff, instead of getting derailed by it.

I’m also an analytics nerd. I could spend hours poring over all the different numbers and organizing them into pretty spreadsheets!

In 2020, I took my love for analytics, combined it with my passion for simplifying systems, and created one of my most favorite systems ever… 30-Min Metrics™. I created that system to help business owners like you focus on the essential metrics that really matter, and quickly identify what’s working and what’s not.

And now, I’m super excited to offer you a little part of that system for free, with my Minimal Metrics Cheat Sheet. My goal is to make analytics easy and accessible for all business owners (even if you hate numbers), so that you can use your numbers to meet your goals and grow your business.

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