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"I have belief and joy in my business again. I feel like I could call on Aby anytime I want to grow my business. She can handle the parts that drain me and aren't my gift and magic will happen.

I had $10,000 in sales within a 6 month period of working with Aby. The prior 6 month of sales were just under $350.

Aby is a unicorn.
Her skills are next level. If you are serious about growing your business, then don't think twice about working with her."
Sarah H.
Private Client
"You were absolutely on top of it all to the point where you also gently pushed me on the things that were outstanding. You helped me get to the finish line. I think that things are simply more efficient - that's priceless!"
Hailey D.
Private Client
"I love your template and it has been so eye-opening! I've been looking for exactly this for years and you laid it out so clearly! Your 30-Min Metric™ course really changed how much time I spend tracking my business."
30-Min Metrics™
"I loved Aby’s thoroughness and knowing that the job will be finished and done the right way, without me needing to worry about it.

Aby is worth every penny."
Hailey D.
Private Client
"Thank you for being so helpful answering all my questions, taking extra time to show me how to do things!

I love that you have a FACEtime zoom call... I think showing your face helps us build a trusting relationship with you and also to help with finding the vision we want!"
Sara O.
Private Client
"The way you explain things in this course makes anyone feel like they can do it. You get rid of the noise when educating on data and get down to the nitty gritty details of what is most important.

I specifically appreciate your Minimal Metrics Framework™, because it takes the overwhelm of what to track and consolidates it into a simple way to track metrics on the regular (and how to do it, without the complicated math). Love this."
Workshop Student
Profit by Numbers™

Oh hey, I'm Aby Blum Sudds!

I’m a Systems Coach and Online Business Manager, based in Michigan. I’ve been helping people use statistics and analytics to answer questions and make decisions for over 10 years, first as a sociology professor, and now as a data analyst for small business owners.

Through my programs 30-Min Metrics™, Profit by Numbers™, and Analytics Blueprint, I help small business owners unlock the power of data-driven decision making so that they can get more clients, make more sales, and build businesses that make a meaningful impact in their lives.

Ready for a way to achieve your business dreams - without constantly wondering if you're on the right track?

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