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"Aby is a unicorn. Her skills are next level. If you are serious about growing your business, then don't think twice about working with her."

Aby is the right next step if you need someone to create systems for managing your business so you can be you and not wear all the hats in your business. She would be ideal if you are struggling to hire others to help you in your business because there isn’t an onboarding system or structure to your “back end”. I had $10,000 in sales within 6 months of working with Aby. The prior 6 months of sales were just under $350. I have belief and joy in my business again.

"Things are simply more efficient - that's priceless!"

I signed up with Aby because I am rubbish at IT. I loved how she got on with it and figured it out. She was absolutely on top of it all to the point where she also gently pushed me on the things that were outstanding. She helped me get to the finish line. Now things are simply more efficient – that’s priceless!

"Aby is worth every penny."

I had a tech project that I needed handled without adding more to my plate. I loved Aby’s thoroughness and knowing that the job will be finished and done the right way, without me needing to worry about it. I think this migration project is saving me around $13,000 a year.

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